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Butterflies of Western Ghats , 97th Indian Science Congress

SCIENCE EXHIBITION - January 3 - 7, 2010 at Trivandrum, Kerala State.

SCIENCE EXHIBITION - 97TH INDIAN SCIENCE CONGRESS - January 3 - 7, 2010 at Trivandrum, Kerala State.

The achievements of Science and Technology should ultimately benefit the society at large. In this regard, Indian Science Congress serves as a platform towards inspiring the students, academicians and the common man to appreciate the value of science and to cultivate scientific attitude. The Science Exhibition will be one of the major events of the 97th Indian Science  Congress. The prominent developments, major achievements and the significant contributions largely of Indianscience and technology to the society will be showcased by leading scientific institutions, government departments, national, international, state as well as public and private agencies and laboratories that are expected to participate in Exhibition. This exhibition will focus on India’s development, especially the country’s recent emergence as a major space power and will be intended for lay people, especially the large student community.  THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Liberate Indian Science from the shackles and dead weight of bureaucratism and in-house favouritism, said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The PM’s tough words came during the inaugural address of the 97th Indian Science Congress at the Kerala University Campus in Karyavattom, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Butterflies of Western Ghats , Indian Science Congress , INDIA IN SPACE , PRIDE OF INDIA , VIGYAN JYOTI, University College Trivandrum .  My Photos >97 th Indian Science Congress, Kariavattom Campus, University of Kerala . SCIENCE EXHIBITION – January 3 – 7, 2010 at Trivandrum, Kerala State. Values, morals and ethics , N G Nair and Yoga, Unity in Diversity, About N G Nair from thottakom Vaikom Kottayam


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